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PS Hydration Harness

Regular price $24.00

Meet your new fitness BFF... Our Hydration Harness! If you love our On The Move Pouch, you are going to love this new unisex accessory. Place your Stanley Water Bottle inside the Hydration Harness for a hands free walk! This harness is made from high quality neoprene material, so it's less sensitive to temperature changes, is high in durability, flexibility, insulation, and is also lightweight and entirely waterproof. There is also a pouch on the front of the bag to store your keys, cash, gym card, headphones, protein bar, electrolytes, and other small items to get you ready for a great workout! Available in 4 colors including white, bubblegum pink, fuchsia, and black.

The Hydration Harness is another addition to our 3 Sisters Collection! This collection is inspired by the unbreakable bond shared between the owner/founder of Pretty Simple and her 2 sisters. These bags are marked with three signature studs and will complete outfits, catch eyes, and remind wearers of the incredible connection to their own sisters, whether through blood or by choice. You can see it in our inspiration and mission.

  • Measurements: 6"L x 10"H x 3"W / Strap: 31"-48"
  • Zipper closure / adjustable velcro band / adjustable strap
  • Neoprene material 
  • Styling Tip: Place the bag around your Stanley or any other water bottle you love and wear it across your body for a stylish, hydrated workout
  • The pouch fits your keys, cash, gym card, headphones, protein bar, electrolytes, and other small items